The difference between a Good Friend and True Friend

You might have a number of friends from different categories

We make friends at school, workplace or anywhere we meet people regularly. We make bad friends, good friends or best friends. In this post i tried to differentiate between the Good friend and true or best friend.

The Good Friend:

The one, who hold

Your hand every time

 When you need support

 Is surely a good Friend


is the one

Who hold your hand

More tightly

When u Say


People who care about you, they will never leave you to the problem alone and they will help you in their own capacity. We must recognise these people and appreciate them as The number of people of these type of peole will be very less.

If you want to be successful in your life, you must know about the people you care and you must appreciate them for being there for you.

Do you Agree with the post??? If yes, please, leave a comment and let us know that you have analyzed your friends and how many of them are your true friends.

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